FINANCE & MORTGAGES Accountants Bay of Plenty Ltd are able to assist with all types of finance and mortgages. This includes both residential and business finance. We   of   course   wish   to   ensure   that   we   talk   to   all   our   clients   when   financing   as   the   intention   and   set   up   of   the   borrowing   is   important   to   make   it   tax deductible   or   not.   We   recommend   you   talk   to   one   of   our   representatives   whenever   financing.   Note   this   includes   vehicles,   working   capital,   property purchase etc. Information required by banks includes: · Completed home loan application form, signed by all parties · Budgets of personal expenditure and outgoings · Verification of ALL declared income · PAYE income - Original payslip being not more than 30 days old showing gross p/a income · Self Employed income - Two years financial statements for the business (from which you derive your income) and last two years personal tax returns. Financial statements must be prepared by an accountant. · Rental   income   -   Copy   of   existing   Rental   Agreement   or   tax   return   showing   rental   income.   Prospective   market   income   can   be   confirmed   by copy of new Rental Agreement, full valuation, or independent market report from a registered Real Estate agent. · IRD/WINZ income - Letter from IRD/WINZ showing current entitlements or benefits · Boarder   income   -   Income   evidenced   by   a   regular   referenced   deposit   (3   months),   or   signed   agreement   between   parties   specifying   the board amount. · Deposit / Equity confirmation · Detailed diary note outlining your situation and loan proposal · Proof of identity including invoices, drivers licence and/or passports ANZ Calculator The right funding is important for the future of the business and obviously we should try for the cheapest funding available. Fee Funding We   have   companies   that   will   finance   your   accounting   fees.      Generally   this   will   be   over   a   12   month   period   for   a   maximum,   however,   talk   to   us   if   you wish   to   pay   your   fees   over   time   or   have   it   funded.   Note   fee   funding   is   guaranteed   by   us   so   generally   we   seek   personal   guarantees   to   support   any loan applications made. Fee funding can be arranged by calling Maurice Harding of our office. The specialist people set aside in our office for financing is Rachel Bedford and/or Jodie Astridge
Business Advice Owning   your   own   business   is   supposed   to   give   you   a   better   lifestyle,   and   not   make   you   work   harder,   longer   and   for   less   money.What   we   can show you at Accountants Bay of Plenty is how to get your business to work for you, including your team, customers and management. At Accountants Bay of Plenty our personnel have a wealth of knowledge of business systems and we have developed tools for business  valuation, strategic plans, time management, selling skills, system development and health checks. The services and advice we offer business owners include: · Profit improvement. · Growth management strategies. · Management and management systems. · Business health checks. · Business structures · Business and strategic planning. · Cash flow management, budgeting and forcasting. · Succession planning. · Risk management strategies. · Business financing · Business valuations, purchases and sales. Add Value to your Business with a Total Systems Review We   also   offer   a   Total   Systems   Review   which   examines   your   systems   to   improve   efficiency   for   maximum   use   of   time   and   minimum   cost.   We review your operations, administration, marketing, human resources and innovation. A   total   system   review   can   take   between   6   and   12   months.   It   can   also   be   done   over   a   longer   period   by   breaking   it   down   into   component   parts.   By doing   a   total   system   review   including   manuals   etc   this   increases   the   value   of   your   business   in   the   event   of   sale.   There   is   a   significant   capital investment to do a total system review but the results will see you in a good position to go forward and for sale.
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