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Marketing   is   a   key   part   of   any   successful   business.      Though   it   can   often   be   hard   to   see   the   benefits,   it   is   important   to   maintain   the   profile   of   your business.         The   idea   is   for   your   business   to   be   “Top   of   Mind”   when   a   potential   customer   is   deciding   to   make   a   purchase.      Investing   in   marketing plays a big part in helping you achieve this. At   Accountants   Bay   of   Plenty   we   have   a   specialist   Marketing   Team,   with   over   20   years   experience   working   across   the   full   spectrum   of   marketing, from   customer   service,   market   research,   product   design,   campaign   management   to   advertising   production.      We   can   assist   with   determining   where and when to spend your marketing budget. We offer a full range of marketing services, which include the following:
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Maurice Harding
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· Writing an effective marketing plan and determining a budget that will work for you. · Identifying your target audience and determining which media would be most effective for you, be it radio, newspaper, social media, mail, TV, signage, etc. · Review your existing or proposed advertising materials, making sure it “Cuts Through” all the other advertising your customers hear, see and feel each day. A message that catches your customers attention and they will remember. · Ensure that you have adverting that works, it includes a “Call to Action”, such as where to go, what to buy, phone number to call and when you’re open. · Determine your “Unique Selling Proposition”, what you do that your competitors don’t do. · Review and advise you on  your customer experience process. · Train your staff on how to sell.